From supermodels to Jennifer Aniston, nearly every celebrity you see credits their flawless skin to drinking tons of water from chic reusable glass water bottles.

Jennifer Aniston

TBH, we’re pretty sure Photoshop also plays a forgiving role in this, but nevertheless, water does have a positive impact on your skin — especially as we enter the winter season. Here’s what we found on how H2O helps your skin.

Your skin is an organ.

Not only that, but it’s the largest organ, and your suit of armor against the outside world. And like every other organ in your body, it’s made up of cells, and it functions best when it’s well-hydrated. Hydration helps fill in the micro-lines on your skin and makes your skin more elastic, so it appears plumper and brighter.

When you’re dehydrated, on the other hand, your skin is probably going to be dry and sallow. Plus, pores and wrinkles will appear more prominently, and you may be more prone to breakouts if your skin has a higher proportion of oil to water.

So what should your skincare routine be?

So should you just focus on guzzling gallons each day? Not exactly. When you drink water, it makes its way through your internal organs first before hitting your skin. Also, your body can only absorb so much water in an hour. Put together, this means that drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day is an important foundation to your overall wellness, but the hydration doesn’t go directly to your skin.

Your plan should be this: drink water, every day, spread throughout the day. Supplement this by applying moisturizing products to your skin right after showering or washing your face; this will lock in the moisture more effectively than applying to dry skin.

Want to punch up your hydration intake? Make fruits and vegetables do double duty. Fruits and vegetables are incredibly hydrating, so add your favorites to a water bottle with a fruit infuser and sip on that all day. You’ll get double the hydrating benefits, and you’ll love the bonus of adding extra flavor to your water!

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