Hot drinks should stay hot. Cold drinks should stay cold. Simple, right?

In theory, yes. In practice, not so much. With your average plastic travel mug, you’ll get one hour of hot coffee- if you’re lucky. Personally, we prefer to be able to sip our coffee leisurely and know it’ll be hot each time we take a drink. That’s why we engineered Thermalock™ vacuum insulation.

Thermalock vacuum insulation locks in temperature for hours.

Why do we care about insulated travel mugs?

According to science, hot drinks get cold because of the second law of thermodynamics, which means everything in the universe tends towards disorder. Or, put into slightly less dramatic layman’s terms, hot drinks cool down to match the environment around them.

“After filling a plastic travel mug with a hot beverage, the outside of it feels hot to the touch. That’s because it’s losing heat,” explains Dan Wodka, one of our senior engineers and expert at all things thermal.

So, your almond milk latte gets cold because it’s losing heat to the air around it. Similarly, your cold-pressed juice absorbs heat from the warmer environment and loses its chill. In both cases, the drink temperature eventually settles to be similar to its surroundings.

Put that all together, and you need insulated travel mugs because otherwise, your perfectly-heated-or-chilled drink will fall into disorder and chaos. No need to panic, though- that’s what Thermalock™ vacuum insulation is for.

What is Thermalock vacuum insulation?

What is Thermalock vacuum insulation?

Thermalock™ vacuum insulation is your defense against disorder, your conqueror of chaos, your protector of perfect drinks. Or, you know, it’s a double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps temperature locked in for hours. Either or.

Here’s how it works according to Engineering Dan:

“The reason we use vacuum insulation is to limit heat loss. With Thermalock™ vacuum insulation, we have two walls of stainless steel- the outer wall and the inner wall. Using vacuum technology, we can suck the air out from in between these two walls, then seal the stainless steel to maintain that lack of air and limit the heat transfer.”

How Thermalock vacuum insulation locks in temperature for hours

With Thermalock™ vacuum insulation, your drink of choice stays hot (or cold) for an extended amount of time. In fact, Dan estimates that a stainless steel Thermalock™ vacuum insulated travel mug can keep drinks hot for up to five times as long as a similarly sized plastic travel mug- all while staying cool to the touch, so you know the heat is locked in.

Why do you need Thermalock™ technology?

Because you need hot coffee to get you through an 8am conference call. Because you need ice cold water to refresh you before making an attempt at a handstand during hot yoga. Because sometimes, you don’t get to the tea in your stainless steel travel mug before you’ve checked your email, talked to your boss, and dealt with a client question- but you still want it to be hot when you get around to it.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the best travel mugs in the business, for when you need your hot drink to stay hot from home to work and everywhere in between. Or, if you’re more interested in an insulated water bottle to keep your drink cold while you’re trekking through a music festival this summer, we’ve got those too. Whether your day calls for hot or cold beverages, Thermalock™ helps you lock in temperatures for hours. Go on, take a heat check.

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