You’re already familiar with our beloved AUTOSPOUT Ashland. It’s got that snazzy Press to Refresh™ technology that only requires one hand to hydrate, and the pop-up straw means you don’t have to tilt your head while you drink. In fact, the AUTOSPOUT Ashland is so popular, we went ahead and made it into a glass water bottle and a water bottle with fruit infuser too.

Well, we decided that wasn’t enough AUTOSPOUT for us. Our engineers and designers put their brains to work and came up with an ingenious way to blend the best of AUTOSPOUT technology (the one-handed operation, protective spout cover, and the leak-proof lid) with the high-flow spouts that are especially popular right now. Ladies and gentlemen, we present: the AUTOSPOUT Chug water bottle.

Autospout Chug gym water bottle

What is the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid?

The AUTOSPOUT Chug water bottle lid lets you hydrate quickly with the press of a button. Similar to the Ashland, pressing the AUTOSPOUT button makes the protective cover go back while the wide mouth pops up. You get the benefit of drinking quickly (or “chugging,” if you will) but still only needing one hand to drink from the water bottle. When you’re finished, just press the drink spout back under the protective cover for a leak-proof seal.

Why Did We Create the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid?

To put it simply, we made the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid because you asked us to. According to our research, 36% of consumers are using a screw cap for their cold beverages, and 21% reported using a flip-top water bottle. At the same time, consumers shared that they take reusable water bottles on-the-go to avoid spills and messes.

We put those insights together and realized that our consumers needed a water bottle lid in their preferred drinking format (which, for many people, was a wider mouth) that would be leak-proof for their busy lives. Thus, the AUTOSPOUT Chug was born.

Why Will I Love the AUTOSPOUT Chug?

If one of these characteristics describes you, you may absolutely love the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid:

  • You’re trying to drink more water, and you prefer drinking from a wide mouth instead of through a straw
  • You need a gym water bottle that will hydrate you quickly without taking your attention away from the Spin instructor
  • You’re always thirsty and usually need to hydrate in a hurry
  • You’re a busy professional who likes keeping a water bottle at your desk, but you’re afraid of the leaks that somehow find their way out of your water bottle, even when it’s closed

Or, simply put, if you like awesome water bottles that don’t leak, the AUTOSPOUT Chug might be your dream water bottle.


Ready to get chugging? Check out the AUTOSPOUT Chug Water Bottle here.

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  • Sandra Hudkins

    I like the straw better. I do not like to chug. Thank you

  • Natalie

    I hate water bottles with straws. This is perfect! Thank you!

  • Edward Salvas

    You have a typo -in the “What Is..” paragraph, AUTOSPOUT is spelled AUTUSPOUT.

    Great products!!! I own several and will probably order a new CHUG for one of my daughters.


    • Contigo

      Ha! Thanks for catching that, Edward. Enjoy your new Chug!

  • kitt henderson

    It would be nice to have a bottle that keeps water cold that hold 26-32 oz. 20oz is not enough if you are out and about

    • Contigo

      Stay tuned, then! You just might see something you like on the website coming soon…

  • Melinda Mack

    WOW! I just love ALLLL things Contigo! Been a fan for so many years and it rarely lets me down! I am the biggest fan when it comes to any type of Contigo hydration bottles – i currently use the Contigo 20oz Sport — have for years and i have back up bottles when i wear the current one out (which does not seem like ever!)……so i am excited to see this Chug Lid and YES!!!! i will be trying one out soon!

  • Barb Husch

    I love the sounds of this product. I drink a lot of water and like the wider spout. However I recently sent a letter to Contigo about a flawed product I purchased. They told me to send a picture of it ( top and bottom) I haven’t heard anything back from them. #frustrated

  • Grant

    Do you offer and engraving service for the stainless steel bottles?

    • Contigo

      Hi Grant, unfortunately we do not at this time.

  • Lori

    Will the new “chug” lids fit the old aluminum water bottles? If so, I want one in blue and one in Purple.

    • Contigo

      Hi Lori- the AUTOSPOUT Chug lids fit all Chug sizes, as well as all Ashland Sizes, the Ashland Chill, and the Cortland bodies. Thanks!

  • Diana

    You already have the autospout Chill so not sure I understand the void to be filled.

    • Contigo

      Hi Diana- the AUTOSPOUT Chug has a much bigger spout than the AUTOSEAL Chill. Also, you only have to press the AUTOSPOUT button to pop-up the spout on the Chug. For the AUTOSEAL Chill, you hold down the button the entire time you’re drinking. Hope this helps!

  • Robin Gray

    I live in New Zealand and would like to know who stocks this product please. It seems that some of your product takes nearly forever to be available here.
    By the way I do love your other products that I have of Contigo.

    Kind regards

    Robin Gray

  • Veronica

    Will the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid 20 oz. fit on all 20 oz. Contigo bottles?

    • Contigo

      Hi Veronica, the AUTOSPOUT Chug lids fit all Chug sizes, as well as all Ashland Sizes, the Ashland Chill, and the Cortland bodies. Thanks!

  • Jenifer

    I looove that the hot mugs can go right into my bag and have no spillage. The cold 20oz is my new feiend. Always have 2 with me!! Thanks contigo!!
    Offer any coupons ever??😓

    • Contigo

      Hi Jenifer-subscribe to our email list here and you’ll be the first to know about all our sales and promotions!

  • Laura

    Is the spout easy to clean like the Cortland bottles if so I need to get an order in?

    • Contigo

      Sure is, Laura!

  • Dena Wade

    Love Contigo- a fan for several years! This looks great but I will wait for the bigger size to take to the beach this summer -20oz isn’t enough! Thanks!

  • Cris La Barre

    Ditto to Kitt’s comment. 20 oz is not enough in the hot Arizona summer. Love your other products, have 6 different ones and the fact that they stay cool out here, even when left in a hot car amazes me!

  • KT

    I’m sooo excited that you have a chug bottle now! I hate straws, they get gross, hard to clean, they can make noises when you are on the phone, icky! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Adnil Amuj

    If only I could get this in Kenya. 😞

  • Nehal

    I want to buy the insulated version of auto-spout chug bottle. Where can I buy it (online/in-store)?

    • Contigo

      Hi Nehal, you can buy the AUTOSPOUT Chug in stainless steel here. Enjoy!

  • Barbara

    Does the AutoChug fit the 20 oz Sheffield?

    • Contigo

      Hi Barbara, the AUTOSPOUT Chug lid only fits the AUTOSPOUT Chug bodies, in BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. Hope this helps!

  • Elina

    my water bottle leaked out on the table and to the floor, I left m drink on the table with the spout open, but did not think it would leak all over the table and onto the floor! What gives?

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