As the weather shows hints of warming up here in Chicago, we find ourselves staring out the windows longingly, planning our weekend adventures and thinking about all the different ways we want to take advantage of the upcoming spring. Some people plan a day-trip to hike at the nearby Starved Rock; others load their golf clubs into their trunks and head to the Diversey public golf course for a round. Others pack picnics and walk from the office over to Millennium Park, where free public concerts happen every Monday night in the summer.

After brutal winters, we’re all looking for any excuse to get outdoors — and stay outdoors. When you’re not sure how long your day is going to last, or even what it’s going to include, you need a bottle that’s up for anything. That’s why we engineered the 25 oz. Thermal Bottle.

The Thermal Bottle is your best friend who’s up for anything and everything. Its double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel body keeps drinks hot for up to 30 hours and cold for up to 45 hours. The lid is leak-proof when closed, and it features a brand-new Contigo innovation: the 360° Pour Spout.

Here’s a little bit of background on how we engineered this new lid technology, plus how it’s going to change your life going forward. Nope, we’re not exaggerating.

What is 360° Pour Spout Technology?

The 360° pour spout lid consists of a cylinder-shaped knob that acts as a leak-proof seal when twisted all the way shut (kind of like a plug). One half-turn raises the knob enough that you can pour liquid out of it from any angle. The raised knob also controls the speed of the pour; the openings are smaller, so liquid doesn’t splatter everywhere when you’re trying to transfer the liquid from your bottle to an insulated tumbler cup.

Contigo Insulated Thermal Bottle

When closed, the knob is completely leak-proof for a secure seal. Paul Baird, one of our mechanical engineers involved in the research and development of this lid, said the lid’s dual-seal is what makes it extra leak-proof.

“With the dual seal, one seal isolates the liquid-containing portion of the product, and another seal isolates the threaded area inside the body. That way, even if there’s residual coffee in the threaded area, it won’t come out.”

As an added bonus, the knob adds extra insulation to the liquid inside, which is part of the reason the 25 oz. Thermal Bottle can keep drinks hot for up to 30 hours or cold for up to 45 hours.

Why Do You Need A 360° Pour Spout Lid?

The 360° Pour Spout Lid is a must-have for your all-day adventure, whether you’re planning a day trip to go hiking or hitting the links on the first warm day of spring. When you’re on the go, you don’t want to waste time awkwardly juggling your insulated bottle while trying to find the opening. Best case scenario, you feel pretty clumsy; worst case scenario, the shuffling will lead you to drop your thermal bottle or spill from it. With the 360° Pour Spout Lid, you can hold the bottle any way you want and pour from any side, without having to think twice about what you’re doing. It’s the most convenient way to drink and pour on-the-go.

Plus, when you do pour, the 360° Pour Spout interface is positioned so that you’re protected from unexpected splatters. You get a smooth, controlled poured every time, even if you’re walking the greens or hiking a new trail. No drips or drops, just an easy way to drink on the go.

And finally, once your adventure has ended, the 360° Pour Spout Lid is incredibly easy to take apart and clean. Everything can be quickly dissembled and the pour spout plug can be tossed in the top rack of your dishwasher (but you’ll want to hand wash the lid and body).

Ready to get outside? Us too. Grab your insulated Thermal Bottle and get going. We’ll see you out there.

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