If you’re familiar with the term “probiotic,” you probably vaguely associate it with yogurt. In fact, probiotic is just another way of saying something contains live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your heath, particularly your digestive system.

What is probiotic water and why should you drink it in your glass water bottle?

Probiotics return the good kind of bacteria to your gut, and they’re found naturally in yogurts and a few other fermented foods. While there’s no official recommended daily amount of probiotics you should consume, most people aim for 1 billion to 10 billion CFUs, or colony forming units.

We noticed something called probiotic water popping up in our local grocery stores and decided to do a little research into this health and wellness trend so we can listen to our gut instincts.

Turns out, probiotic water is a typed of enhanced water that’s also known as water kefir. Probiotic water starts with “water kefir grains” (a combination of bacteria and yeast) and then ferments over one or two days. Different combinations of probiotic strains work together to improve your gut health, your immune system, and possibly even your skin.

Different kinds of probiotic waters have different claims, but in general, they’re all low calorie, low sugar beverages with anywhere from 4-20 strains of live probiotics and 2-4 billion CFUs.

So why would you be interested in drinking probiotic water out of your water bottle if you can get already get probiotics from yogurt, soft cheese, or sourdough bread?

The main advantage of probiotic drinks is for people with dietary restrictions. For example, people who are lactose intolerant and can’t have yogurt or cheese might want to supplement their diet with a vegan probiotic drink to keep their gut health in check.

You might also just be looking for a tasty alternative to plain water that will keep you hydrated without overloading your body with sugar and empty calories. If that’s the case, probiotic water is definitely an option, but so is fruit infused water (which is a lot cheaper too).

Finally, if you’ve recently been sick and were prescribed antibiotics, you might have lost some of the good bacteria in your body. Ramping up the probiotics with a probiotic water or supplement can help replace some of what was lost.

Feeling ambitious? Try making your own probiotic water at home and taking it to go in a glass water bottle that will preserve the pure taste of your homemade water kefir. It’s much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than purchasing brand name probiotic water at your local specialty grocery store!

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  • Amy F.V.Williams

    I have bought 4 of your containers. I love them so much. I have A. 40 OZ,32 OZ, 10 OZ, ANDA 8 OZ all in PURPLE my favorite color.. thanks so much I’m seen every day with at least 1 purple bottle .. helpso me with my water intake,losing weight,ND my skin is starting to glow..
    Thank you so much.

    • Contigo

      Awesome, Amy!

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