Word association game time: what do you think of when you hear the words “nitro brew”? For most people, your first instinct was probably beer, maybe even Guinness specifically, with a foamy waterfall of tiny bubbles cascading from a tap to settle smoothly on a brew.

And if you’re a huge fan of that texture, get excited: it’s now socially acceptable to have nitro brew for breakfast. We’re talking about the rise of nitro brew coffee in today’s cafes and coffee shops.

What is nitro brew?

What Does Nitro Brew Mean?

Whether it’s coffee time or happy hour, anything labeled “nitro brew” has been infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles, which gives your drink a foamy texture.

How Is Nitro Brew Coffee Made?

It all starts with one of our favorite ways to caffeinate: cold brew coffee. The cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas using a pressurized valve with small holes. High pressure pushes the cold brew past a disc, leading to a smooth, creamy foam head — like you’d find in a Guinness. It even comes out looking a little bit like the iconic beer, separating into darker and lighter sections.

How Should I Drink Nitro Brew Coffee?

Straight and in small quantities. Nitro is served unsweetened and without ice, because adding anything to the brew would ruin the foam top you worked so hard to get. Since most coffee places use their cold brew as the base of nitro brew, the beans already have a slight natural sweetness, making it unnecessary to add anything else. If you’re a black coffee fan, you’ll probably love the taste and mouthfeel of nitro brew.

Also, nitro coffee has a high concentration of caffeine compared to other coffee drinks (especially since it doesn’t come with ice). Stick with a smaller size than usual (Starbucks even created a new 10-ounce “short” cup for their Nitro Cold Brew specifically).

Oh, and if possible, skip the lid and straw. You wouldn’t drink your Guinness out of a sippy cup (probably), because you wouldn’t get to enjoy that foamy top. Same goes for nitro brew coffee.

Our expert opinion? Order it in your stainless steel coffee mug. You can drink nitro coffee from our AUTOSEAL® lids while you’re on the go, and when you finally have a moment to sit and relax, just take the lid off to enjoy the smooth, creamy foam.


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