Hello from Contigo HQ-

Sometimes you want to get your hydration from a water bottle with straw.  We get it, you’re a straw person. You’re the reason why we created AUTOSPOUT® technology.

Fun fact: We’ve found that there’s a lot of people like you and prefer to drink from a straw. So we sent our designers and engineers on a mission to create the best straw water bottle possible. This unique technology can found on Contigo adult, tween and kids water bottles (sorry, it’s not made for travel mugs).

In terms of features, this water bottle was definitely made with the user in mind. Since we all have a lot going on, we wanted to make sure you could use our AUTOSPOUT® water bottles with just one hand. We engineered it so there’s no lid to unscrew or remove; simply press a button and the spout pops up ready to drink. Additionally, it was designed so you don’t have to tilt your head to drink,;you can keep your eyes on the prize in front of you. Which is awesome for driving, spin class, and keeping your focus on the TVs at the gym (you know, the priorities).

There’s also a spout cover that’s designed to help keep the mouthpiece clean and germ free. You never know what you’ll run into on the street or in the elevator during cold and flu season.

Another cool feature is that the kids AUTOSPOUT® water bottles are 100% spill-proof, even when they are open. It doesn’t matter if they knock their water bottles over; there’s a spill-proof valve built-in to give you extra peace of mind.

Plus, pressing a button and seeing the spout pop up provides hours of entertainment. For the kids. Definitely not you. Or us.

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  • Gary Poupore

    I love my 22 ounce autoseal, could you please make a 32 ounce model ?

  • Derek Ashworth

    I have a 32 oz Autospout that keeps shooting water out of the straw! It had only water in it and it looked like old faithful went off in my office, in my car, and all over me! Why does it continue to do this? I only put water in it.

  • Stephanie Lewis-Ebo

    I have purchased at least 10 stainless steel Sheffield and given many away. I currently utilize them everyday all day and love them when I travel through Europe where ice is a scarcity, I have kept ice still frozen for over 24 hours. I love, love, love the bottle and just knew the Ashland Chill would be better, however, every morning since I began using it every morning when I wake up the ice is melted and the beverage is barely cold. I am not sure why the metal bottles give different result. However, I am extremely disappointed!!!!! I hope in future you change the Ashland autospout lid to have the clip and I will or make the construction of the metal bottles the same.

    • Contigo

      Thanks for your feedback, Stephanie! We’ll pass it on to the engineers.

  • Jose Villalobos

    Nice blog! Autospout technology is a masterpiece! Its such a beauty in my life… <3 <3 <3 <3. Contigo is the smartest place I have ever seen.

  • Thomas Aiello

    We love the auto spout. we have several so the family does not fight over them. We need a replacement lid for one of them do you make them.

  • Bernice Yaskowich

    I am Contigo Fit Chill user and I am trying to find this model of Contigo to purchase some more. I did find them on your website but at $22.99 each and only in silver and blue, I am continuing my search. I know they came in more colors and for a lot cheaper than your web price, at Costco. I have been checking at Costco in Regina Saskatchewan Canada but it doesn’t appear they are selling them this anymore. I do not want the auto spout that pop outs. Please advise. Thanks.

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