It happens to all of us: we make an afternoon coffee, thinking it’s absolutely necessary to get through the rest of the day (seriously, when did Mondays get so long?). Somehow, though, we only end up drinking half of it, and the rest sits in our ceramic coffee mug overnight, the customary wash-and-rinse ignored so you can leave the office two minutes faster. You’ll rinse it out in the morning and everything will be fine, right?

You'll be just fine, thanks to your stainless steel travel mug with easy-clean lid

Well, if it’s just a ceramic mug, then yes. But when we talked to consumers about their stainless steel travel mugs, we found that it was a little more complicated and time consuming.

That’s why our design team engineered our very own easy clean lid, which completely opens so you can give it a thorough clean in seconds. Just pop open the “easy clean” mechanism and rinse it out (you can even see right through the lid, so you know you’re giving it a complete clean). Plus, our easy clean lid doesn’t have any separate parts to take apart or misplace — it’s all-in-one (so there’s nothing to lose), and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe for an even more convenient clean.

Want to know more about this travel mug upgrade? Here’s how we came upon the idea for the Easy Clean Lid.

The Inspiration behind the Easy Clean Lid

“Our team appreciates that coffee and tea are hard things to clean from mugs, because the creams, milks, and sugars tend to stick around. We empathize with our users, and we feel that we have a responsibility to help our users keep their mugs in as clean a condition as possible,” says Senior Studio Manager Bob Coon.

“It started a few years ago when we began engineering our AUTOSEAL® West Loop stainless steel travel mug,” Bob explains. “We decided that from here on out, we needed the underside of the lid to be as clean and accessible as possible. The surfaces had to be smooth, and it needed to be open completely.”

We knew that our users already thought our stainless steel travel mugs were great — but by adding the Easy Clean Lid, we wanted to take our travel mug game to the next level. Contigo® designers and engineers got to work on the upgrade: a lid that’s easily cleanable, with an intuitive design that doesn’t require an advanced degree in engineering to operate.

How the Easy Clean Lid Works

Our design team invented a mechanism to that helps the lid to pop open completely, in one connected piece — what we refer to as the “drop down mechanism.” Users can simply pop the mechanism away from the lid and rinse the lid or toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can see everything that needs scrubbing, and you can reach it easily with a cleaning brush.

Need visualization? We’ve got you covered.



Why Users Love the Easy-Clean Lid

The name says it all: it’s easy to clean. And in a world where you’re constantly on-the-go, brushing past people in the coffee line or crammed into an elevator, people want to be able to give their stainless steel coffee mug lid a thorough rinse without breaking a sweat. In fact, this innovation has been so successful that we now use it in all of our thermal products, plus our new line of water bottles and kids water bottles.

Plus, the easy clean lid is a good insight into what drives Contigo® engineering and our resulting products.

“We work hard to build in higher function like easy clean lids so our products move with elegant simplicity in the users hands and help them keep it clean,” explains Bob. “Our products are always both mechanically inventive and super easy to use, and that makes them just plain cool to own.”

Just plain cool — and just plain genius. Sounds like a winner to us.

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  • Bobby Cabreira


    What’s the possibility of creating a water bottle lid for the AUTOSEAL® West Loop mug. I use the West Loop mug as a coffee mug in the morning, and would like to use it as a water mug the rest of the day.

    Bobby Cabreira

    • Contigo

      Hi Bobby!
      You actually can use the West Loop as a water mug- its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Just rinse the mug out thoroughly after your morning coffee and you’re good to go!

  • Patricia Nino

    trying to purchase a new cap for my bottle so far luck
    please inform me when more are in stock
    thank you

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