Just when you think we’ve come up with all the different ways to make an insulated travel mug lid leak-proof, we’ve added one more lid to the family: the leak-proof TWISTSEAL lid. Read on to find how what the TWISTSEAL lid is, how it’s different from our AUTOSEAL and SNAPSEAL lids, and why you’ll love it (especially when you’re on-the-go in busy places).

Where the Idea for the TWISTSEAL Lid Came From

Our designers and engineers wanted to build off of our popular AUTOSEAL lid that you see on our Transit and Midtown travel mugs. These lids are leak-proof and spill-proof, but consumers also love that they feature a protective cover for the drink spout. That’s because the cover provides extra peace of mind for protection against drips, and it also doubles as a protective shield to help keep germs away from your drink spout (major key during cold and flu season, especially in the office or during your commute).

With the TWISTSEAL lid, our crew wanted to take the best qualities of the Transit and Midtown lids and combine them with a leak-proof seal and a lower profile.

“Lids with high profiles are top heavy and thick, so we wanted to simplify and minimalize the TWISTSEAL lid so it wasn’t so big and cumbersome,” explains Bob Coon, Senior Industrial Design Manager.

How the TWISTSEAL Lid is Leak-Proof

To seal in the drink, consumers simply rotate the top part of the lid to cover the drink spout; you’ll know it’s sealed and leak-proof when you feel a slight click in the mechanism. When the lid is rotated over the spout, a drink seal moves up and down into opening to block the spout so no liquid comes out (imagine a plug attached to the end of an arm – that’s how the mechanism works).

What is the leak-proof Twistseal lid?

How the TWISTSEAL Lid Is Easy to Clean

You may already know that several of our travel mug lids are easy-clean, featuring a drop-down mechanism that makes it easy for you to get inside all the nooks and crannies when cleaning. The TWISTSEAL lid is no different. It features that same drop-down mechanism to make cleaning the interior a cinch. We also paid extra attention to cleaning up any unnecessary manufacturing parts in the top of the lid, so it’s a clearer surface and easier to clean.

One new thing we added to this lid was making the drink cover (the top part of the lid) removable. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but the drink cover section of the lid can pop on and snap into place.

“They just go together — you don’t even really have to think about it,” says Bob. “The cover and lid are really intuitive and forgiving, so even if you pop the cover in slightly out of place, it’ll correct itself to the right position.”


The TWISTSEAL lid may have a low profile, but it’s anything but boring. See it for yourself on the leak-proof TWISTSEAL Eclipse travel mug!

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  • Tari Akpodiete

    sounds interesting. now put these on the caribener (sp) clip mug!

    also, please make larger capacity mugs for us tea drinkers.

    • Contigo

      Thanks for the suggestions, Tari! We’ll pass it along to our engineers and designers!

    • Contigo

      Hi Tari- forgot to mention, if you’re still on the lookout for a larger capacity mug for tea, we suggest pairing our 24 oz West Loop (the biggest size we have!) with our stainless steel tea infuser. Hope you enjoy!

  • MJ

    Is the TWISTSEAL compatible with older versions of Contigo travel mugs?

    • Contigo

      Hi there, the Twistseal lid is only compatible with the Twistseal body.

  • Linda Hall

    This new lid/cup sounds great. I already own about 4 cups, but I can’t wait to try this one. Is it available in stores or is it only available by online order?
    Linda Hall

    • Contigo

      Hi Linda! It’s currently only available online.

  • Rosebud308

    Does this lid fit on any other bottle?

    • Contigo

      Hi there, the Twistseal lid is only compatible with the Twistseal body.

  • Debbie

    These sound nice, but then again so did my travel mug. I have 4 of them and the only problem IS cleaning. I have to soak them in polydent, soap and water and now they don’t seal properly. Are these new ones guaranteed because the other ones (when I complained) weren’t, or at least I never heard back what to do if they were. How does this work for the new and the old?

    • Contigo

      Hi Debbie, we’re so sorry to hear about that. All of our products have a lifetime guarantee. You can contact our customer service team, and they’ll answer all your questions and help you out with replacements if necessary: http://www.gocontigo.com/contact/

  • DICK

    I would like the 20 ounce if it had a handle on it.

  • DICK

    I wish you had a handle on the 20 oz.

    • Contigo

      Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass that on to our engineers and designers.

  • Patricia Manahan

    I have 4 autoseal Contigo, the vacuum stainless steel ones. (2 16 oz and 2 20 oz.). I bought the replacement locking lids for the two that had the original lids. I really don’t need more containers, but would like the ability t cover the drink spout. The first question , is the lid still one handed? The next ….have you considered making that type of lid for the autoseal container?

    • Contigo

      Hi Patricia! The Twistseal lid is not one-handed (unless you’re way more talented than we are). However, if you’re looking for a one-handed lid that also allows you to cover the drink spout, we suggest checking out the Transit or the Midtown! Those travel mugs are both AUTOSEAL and have the drink spout cover. Hope this helps!

  • Raymond E. Mzlo

    own my of your mugs and I am very please

  • Raymond E. Mzlo

    own many of your mugs and I am very please wi\th your product

  • Darrell


    Where can I but the Eclipse Twistseal in the UK.



  • John Bergstrom

    does it fit my old West Loop?

    • Contigo

      Hi John, the Twistseal lid is only compatible with the Twistseal body.

  • Kaye

    The 16 oz sounds great for lunch. Will it pack into a teen’s lunchbox, not leak and keep milk cold? Milk is particularly hard to wash off of a bottle forgotten in a locker, so am glad about the frop down aspect. Will this mug stand being inultiple positions and still not leak? Does it come in multiple colors so kids can tell which is theirs?

    • Contigo

      Hi there! The Twistseal Eclipse is leak-proof when closed and keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours. As long as it’s closed securely, it will remain leak-proof! The 20oz (here) currently comes in more colors than the 16oz, but stay tuned. Hope this helps!

  • Shay

    My family loves all of our contigo products. My question is, which products have the thinnest width? Some car holders are too narrow for cups.

    • Contigo

      Hi there, the Twistseal Eclipse fits most car cup holders, and so do the AUTOSEAL West Loop, Snapseal Byron, and Snapseal Kenton. This might vary based on your specific car. You can use the width measurements under the Specs section to get a better idea of how the mug will fit your specific cup holder.

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