They say beach bodies are made in the winter, and if that’s the case, several of us here at Contigo are getting a late start on our beach bodies this season (thanks in part to Piece pizza and Glazed & Infused doughnuts in the building last week). Since spring officially kicked off this past weekend, we’re grabbing our protein shaker bottles and getting back on the health and fitness train with these three tips.

Drink More Water

We know, we know; you’ve heard this one before. Well, that’s because your muscles are 79% water, so drinking water is one of the single best things you can do for your overall health (especially if you’re trying to get a beach bod).

First, drinking water helps you feel full. Instead of reaching for a midafternoon snack, try drinking a glass of water to make your stomach stop rumbling. You can also drink a full glass of water before a meal to preemptively fill your stomach up a bit, which can stop you from overeating.

Water also boosts your metabolism. This fact is especially true if you drink an icy cold glass of water; your body has to exert a little extra energy to warm the water up, which burns a few more calories. Keeping a reusable shaker bottle on your desk can help you drink more water throughout the day.

Pro tip: buy a shaker bottle with protection against lingering tastes or odors; that way, you can switch out a protein shake for water or a more beach-appropriate drink whenever you want.

Get Your Vitamins In

Vitamins and nutrients build the foundation of a beach body. While a healthy diet is the best source of vitamins, on those days where you indulge in pizza and doughnuts, make sure to take your daily multivitamin (we pack ours in the vitamin tray of our shaker bottle so we can take them on the go). Your general physician can advise you on what type of multivitamin is best for you, and if you’re lucky, it may even come in a gummy form that reminds you of your childhood.

You might also want a fortified protein powder to go in your shaker bottle. Many protein powders and supplements come complete with vitamins and minerals. Again, read the ingredients and consult with your doctor to choose one that’s right for you.

Drink a Protein Shake Post-Workout

Protein shaker bottle with storage compartmentFact: it’s rare to spot a gym bro in the wild without his signature protein shake mixer bottle. Luckily, protein shakes aren’t just for the musclebound jocks; they’re for anyone, whether you’re just starting to work out, trying to ramp up your workouts, or even recovering from an injury.

Drinking a protein shake after your workout helps speed up the muscle repair and recovery process. That way, by the time your protein shaker bottle has made it through the dishwasher, you’re feeling rested and ready to take on your next workout. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, drinking a protein shake can also help satisfy those cravings; many come in delicious flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, or even cake batter. We like to store our protein powder and then mix it thoroughly with almond milk for an extra satisfying and smooth flavor; using a mixer bottle with a rounded bottom and a weighted shaker ball reduces powder clumps so that you get the most out of your shake.


By drinking more water, getting your daily vitamins, and incorporating protein shakes into your routine, you’ll be well on your way to feeling amazing when beach volleyball season kicks off. Who’s ready to bask in the sun?

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