When summer rolls around, your typical daily activities tend to revolve around water: going to the pool, setting up a sprinkler in the backyard, and of course, making sure you stay hydrated in hot weather.

But however enthusiastic you are about dragging that trendy new float to the pool, summer is also a time to remember the importance of water conservation. Don’t worry, saving water in the summer doesn’t have to mean being the fun police and shutting down any impromptu sprinkler parties. Here’s how to enjoy every last drop of summer without wasting water.

Water Your Lawn Strategically

First, water your lawn in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is not at its peak. Water evaporates faster when the sun is high late in the morning or in the afternoon, so water has a better chance of soaking in your soil during very early or late hours.

Also, do a quick check to make sure you’re actually watering your grass and garden – not your sidewalk or your driveway. A simple readjustment of where you place your sprinkler could have a huge impact on your lawn’s health.

Cover Your Pool

Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard? First of all, congratulations on being the envy of your neighborhood. But how good are you about covering your pool when it’s not in use? Sure, it may be a pain to pull the cover back on the pool every evening (especially if your kids are practically fish and swim every single day), but covering your pool prevents water from evaporating. In fact, without a pool cover, more than half of the water in your pool can evaporate in a year. Avoid that waste by being diligent about covering your pool every night.

Drink Only From Reusable Water Bottles

Sure, you might end up drinking the same amount that you would if you drank from single-use plastic disposable water bottles. However, reusable water containers take much less water to produce than disposable water bottles; it takes about three to five times more water to produce a disposable water bottle than a reusable water bottle, and you throw away the disposable one after one use! Want to up your eco-game? Invest in reusable glass water bottles. Glass is 100% recyclable, so it’s a great choice for an environmentally-conscious consumer.


How will you save water this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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