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In order to be leaders and experts in the hydration field, we figured we should know a little but about the stuff you put in your water bottle. In the office we have what we call our “water happy hours” where our team meets to learn about the latest trends in hydration and water. We call it H2OIQ because naturally, we want to increase our IQ about H2O. Clever, huh?

The Ignite USA office in Chicago, IL



Now we know what you’re thinking, “How much is there to learn about water?” It comes from lakes and rivers and you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses a day. Well, there’s a lot more to our H2O IQ club than that. For the past few months we’ve been learning about optimal hydration rate, sampling essential oils, protein powders, flavor enhancers, and more. If you can add it or relate it to water, then we’ve probably researched it.

Ignite USA office in Chicago, IL

So what’s so great about us learning about all things hydration? Well first, our skin looks great. We’re glowing. Second, we want to pass that info on to you so that you can take advantage of those effects with your own water bottle.

Water happy hour at Contigo

In upcoming blogs we will cover some of the more interesting and quirky topics that have been covered so we can share that knowledge with you.


If you want to learn more about H2O and hydration visit H2OIQ

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  • Thomas McCloud

    I work construction building homes and take my contigo stainless steel mug with me everyday. One day it got knocked out a second story window and then ran over by our Skytrak, a very heavy machine. My cup still doesn’t leak it does have a dent. I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome product.

  • Wendy

    Can you put these mugs in a dishwasher?

  • Donna

    I tried you travel mugs with no leak ,as a handicapped individual they are fantastic epically since I’m always dropping it . Before them I was always wiping up the spills and picking up glass .


  • Lori Roubinek

    Absolutely adore my stainless steel sip where can I find more, have gotten them for family and they love as well. Need to have a backup and so does other family!!! Bought mine at Costco and I haven’t seen them again.

  • steve ondush

    i have two bottles one sip top broken one blue bottle top i super glued can you help me with the sip bottle bran new HELP steve

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