Got a spare twenty on you? If so, that’s barely enough to cover the cost of the most expensive cup of coffee in the United States – even without tip.

Most expensive cup of coffee in America

In Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, craft coffee brewery Extraction Lab has concocted the most pricey cup of joe in the United States. The cost? $18 for a regular coffee (nope, no lattes or macchiatos to be found here).

“What drives the cost of coffee is production,” said Thomas Perez, the CEO of Alpha Dominche (an advanced coffee and tea brewing manufacturer and supplier), speaking of the single-origin brews from exotic locations that Extraction Lab sells (up to fifteen different coffees on any given day, compared to a typical coffee shops’ 2-3 blends). “The origins of where we get the coffee from, there is definitely less yielding of these kinds of coffee.”

Not to mention the instrument used to make the coffee: the impressively named STEAMPUNK®, made by Alpha Dominche. A full-immersion, single-cup, semi-automated vacuum brewer, think of the STEAMPUNK as a French press on steroids. It’s operated by an iPad to perfect brewing times and recipes. Also, it looks very cool.

The best coffee mug to accompany your pilgrimage to the Extraction Lab? A ceramic travel mug that will keep your coffee hot while maintaining the pure taste of your drink. Plus, the minimalist look will fit right in at the sparse Extraction Lab.

What do you think- would you pay $18 for a cup of coffee? (Hey, maybe they’ll offer you a discount if you bring in your own reusable travel mug. You never know!)

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