For years, people have been debating the best pairings of wine and food. Red meat goes with red wine, fish goes with white wine, champagne goes with almost anything except steak and sweet desserts – pretty standard stuff. And in recent years, beer and food pairings have gained popularity as well.

But we’re more interested in pairing food with beverages that are more acceptable to drink first thing in the morning. Think about it: coffee comes in all different flavors, forms, and roasts, whether it’s a handmade French press with freshly ground Costa Rican beans, or a rich, frothy mocha latte with extra foam. The breakfast food you pair with your morning ritual could really enhance your drink, and vice versa.

What coffee to pair with your breakfast foods

We’ve decided to upgrade our morning coffee combo by pairing these beloved breakfast foods with whatever’s in our coffee mug.

If you drink dark roast coffee…

Go ahead, treat yourself to a little dark chocolate in your breakfast. Dark chocolate and dark coffee go hand-in-hand, so grab a chocolate croissant or add some cacao nibs to your oatmeal. Hey, dark chocolate is good for your heart health, after all.

Not into dessert for breakfast? We don’t understand you, but we do suggest trying a fruit tart with your dark roast coffee.

If you drink medium roast coffee…

A classic coffee deserves to be paired with a classic breakfast: bacon and eggs, with whole-wheat toast. The medium roast won’t overpower the simple breakfast, and you’ll be left satisfied with your meal.

If you drink light roast coffee…

Fruit is your new breakfast go-to. Your breakfast will be light and healthy, just like your drink. In particular, try Jamaican coffees with blueberries and stonefruits with Haitian coffees. Feeling a little sinful? Treat yourself to some coffee cake.

If you drink lattes…

Chocolate wins again. The rich espresso and textured foam make it a pleasure to enjoy your latte with some chocolate biscotti.

If you drink cappuccinos…

Keep it simple with grainy breakfasts, like toast or cereal. These breakfasts will also work well with café au laits.


We’re barely scratching the surface – the region your roast hails from can also enhance your breakfast flavors. Get out there and experiment with what’s on your plate and what’s in your insulated coffee mug, and get back to us with the results. We’re hungry over here.

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    Does this product keep coffee hot for hours like it keeps water cold for hours.

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      Yes, sure does!

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