last minute mother's day giftsYou’ve done it again: somehow, despite the fact that it occurs at the same time every year, you’ve forgotten about Mother’s Day. Save the face palm for another day, folks. We’ve got you covered with last minute Mother’s Day gifts that are still thoughtful enough to give to the leading lady in your life.


Flowers… with a Twist

Regular, gotta-water-them-every-day flowers are so out. This year, give your mom a much more low-maintenance gift. Succulents are an easy way to ensure your mom always has a little bit of green in her life (even if her thumb isn’t so green). Or, if your mom is into cooking, an indoor herb garden will spice up her latest kitchen creations.

Want to think way out of the box? Rose facial toners are a luxury that she probably wouldn’t buy for herself, and you can get a whole collection of rose face masks at Sephora as well.

One last suggestion? A bottle of rosé is never a bad idea.

Bond Over A Drink

Not just rosé (although, we did find an awesome wine opener if that’s your jam). Whether your mom drinks coffee or tea, we have the perfect travel mug for her: a ceramic travel mug for freshly-brewed coffee, and a stainless steel tea infuser that fits into an insulated travel mug for tea to go.

Is your mom super-healthy? A reasonably-priced juicer could be just the kitchen appliance she needs to make sure you get your fruits and veggies in.

Everyday Luxury

Hey, gifting your mom little “treat yourself” items will never go unappreciated. Whether it’s a gorgeous soy candle, a literal luxury spa robe, or a trendy pair of shoes that are actually comfortable to wear, these gifts are classics for a reason.


Even if you’ve procrastinated getting your mom a gift, these ideas will guarantee you stay her favorite child for the next year. Enjoy celebrating with your mom!

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