Picture this: you’re about to go grocery shopping on a hot summer day. Realizing that you’ll probably get thirsty throughout your errands, you fill your favorite water bottle with water and toss it in the front seat next to you. After you’ve battled your way through the checkout line and loaded your groceries into the trunk, you collapse into the driver’s seat and take a big gulp of water. Is your water:

  1. So warm that you to immediately spit it back out
  2. Ice cold, refreshing, and just what you needed to recover from the trauma of the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon

Your answer probably depends on whether you have an insulated water bottle or not. We engineered the AUTOSEAL® Chill Water Bottle with our Thermalock™ vacuum insulated stainless steel so that you’re never surprised by a lukewarm sip of water when you’re least expecting it. Here’s how our vacuum insulation locks in cold temperatures.

A quick refresher on why your water gets warm

In a nutshell, your cold drink warms up to match the temperature surrounding it. As soon as it enters a non-stainless steel water bottle, your cold water begins losing its chill and absorbing heat from the air around it. Your drink temperature eventually settles to be roughly the temperature of the surrounding environment.

How Thermalock vacuum insulation keeps your water cold

Here’s where vacuum insulation comes to the rescue: by limiting temperature change, according to senior engineer Dan Wodka.

“With Thermalock vacuum insulation, we have two walls of stainless steel- the outer wall and the inner wall. Using vacuum technology, we can suck the air out from in between these two walls, then seal the stainless steel to maintain that lack of air and limit the temperature transfer.”

So, vacuum insulation keeps your drink cold for an extended period of time – even if it’s left in a hot car for hours.

Why we love vacuum insulated water bottles

When it comes to refreshing drinks, an ice cold water is at the top of our list. Plus, with summer coming up, we’re about to find ourselves sweating out in the sun more often; staying hydrated is crucial during hot weather, and we’re a lot more likely to chug a chilled water than one that’s lukewarm. Plus, some research suggests that cold water may benefit your metabolism.

Either way, we’re stocking up on insulated water bottles before summer. How about you?


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  • Kristen Mack

    PLEASE make the Contigo AutoSeal Chill in a larger size than 20oz or 24oz. In Arizona we guzzle water. It would be nice to have more water in one bottle. The lid – AutoSeal Chill – IS THE BEST AND MOST EFFICIENT = maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort = quick and easy to drink while on the go. Thank you. Kristen Mack, Scottsdale, AZ.

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