Put away your parkas and toss your gloves in the closet (because honestly, we were all keeping them handy just in case a random June snowstorm breaks out, as it tends to do in Chicago). Yesterday, June 20th, was the Summer Solstice, a.k.a. the official first day of summer.

Along with tan lines and a desire to be on a boat all day, summer comes with higher temperatures that you’ve been dreaming about all winter. Your normal water intake (which you know how to calculate, right?) may not cut it when the “feels like” temperature is over 90 degrees. Plus, kiddos are especially susceptible to dehydration since they don’t always know the signs of dehydration and/or are too busy fighting imaginary dragons to remember to drink water.

Don’t let dehydration wreck your summer plans. Make sure you’re staying hydrated in the hot weather with these tips.

You Get a Water Bottle! And You Get a Water Bottle!

Get a vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle to fight dehydration

Even if you sit next to the water cooler or have a water fountain right around the corner, the fact of the matter is you’re much more likely to drink frequently if you keep a reusable water bottle by your side at all times (kids too). Stock up on BPA-free water bottles for you and your family so you have options to keep at home, in backpacks or lunch boxes, in your gym bags, and at the office.

Pro tip: choose vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles for yourself and the kids in order to keep things cool. Your water will stay cold hours and hours longer than a plastic water bottle. You can add ice cubes for even more chill.

Drink Enough to Replenish Sweat

Adjust your water intake based on your exercise habits- especially if you’re braving the heat to work out outside. For anything under an hour, you should be good with regular water before, during, and after. However, if you’re exercising for more than an hour OR you’re working out in extreme heat, eat a salty snack pre-exercise or drink something with a little extra sodium during your workout (if you enjoy sports drinks, make sure to check the labels so that you’re not getting tons of unwanted added sugars — nuun is a popular choice and is easy to shake up in a water bottle or protein shaker bottle).

Want to get fancy? Weigh yourself before and after a workout to approximate how much fluid you lost — then fill your BPA-free reusable water bottle up with that amount.

Quench your thirst with a vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Sure, kids should be biting at the chomp to drink from an adorable stainless steel insulated kids water bottle. But like we mentioned before, they tend to get distracted instead, and forget to drink water. Keep an eye out for typical signs of dehydration in kids (they seem tired or irritable; haven’t gone to the bathroom; chapped lips; and pale skin, to name a few) Here’s a few ways to help them drink more water:

  • Once you’ve packed their water bottle for day camp or a trip to the playground, make a game by telling them if it’s empty when they come back, they’ll win (and you’ll obviously know if they just pour it out, because parents know everything).
  • Add fresh fruit to their water if they tend to complain that water is boring and doesn’t taste good.
  • Feed them super-hydrating foods, like grapes, watermelon, celery, and carrots (frozen grapes are an especially delicious treat in the summer)
  • Bribe them (just kidding)


Dehydration can stop a fun-filled summer day in its tracks. By drinking water regularly and making sure to replenish any extra fluids lost in the heat, you’ll be able to avoid an unwanted visit to the doctor’s office and get an extra hour in at the pool instead.

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