When you’re constantly on the go, you often end up leaving your house in the morning and not getting back until well past dinner. On those days, your work bag doubles as a gym bag, and no one wants to experience that awful feeling of finishing a sweaty workout and realizing you forgot an extra pair of underwear.

Don't get caught smelly- learn how to prep the perfect gym bag

Let’s ban that ickiness from our lives forever. Here are our best tips for prepping the perfect Gym-Work-Home bag.

Pack and Prep the Night Before

The old rule you followed in elementary school of laying your clothes out the night before still applies as a grown-up. Pack your gym bag the night before to avoid that foggy getting-dressed-in-the-dark feeling. Make sure to check the weather forecast so you know what kinds of clothes will be appropriate for the next day (freezing your butt off after you’ve been sweaty is kind of the worst). If you’re going to the gym before work, you might even consider sleeping in your gym clothes — hey, anything for an extra five minutes of sleep.

Get enough sleep before you hit the gym.

Also, take a few minutes to think about your fuel needs for the day. You’ve already tossed in your BPA-free reusable water bottle, but once you finish your spin class, you’ll need something quick and easy to refuel your body. Toss a banana or an oatmeal pack in your bag, or go ahead and preblend a protein shake in your protein shaker bottle (just leave it in the fridge overnight and grab on your way out).

Go Wild with Travel Size Toiletries

Raid the travel cosmetics aisle of Target and grab adorable miniature sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and all your other toiletry needs, then keep them in a small cosmetics bag in your gym bag (throw in some dry shampoo for those crazy-rushed mornings). You might also throw in extra hair ties, bobby pins, socks, and anything else that seems to disappear when you need it the most.

You’ll save space and have the peace of mind that you’ll never be without deodorant before a big meeting. This cosmetics bag doesn’t leave your gym bag under any circumstances, got it?

Also, face or body wipes are your hero. They can pull double duty for refreshing a sweaty face and cooling your body down post-workout. Keep a stash in an easy-to-reach pocket of your gym bag.

Keep Things Separated

By buying a gym bag with several separate compartments, you can assign different items to different parts of your bag and quickly grab them when you’re in a hurry. For example, maybe your leak-proof water bottle always goes in the outside pocket, your shoes always go in the designated zip-up compartment, and extra hair ties go in one of the small inner pockets. Pro tip: make sure to have a plastic bag or laundry bag in there to stuff sweaty clothes in — you don’t want them stinking up the rest of your bag.

Pack your gym bag, but don't forget to separate your dirty clothes from your reusable water bottle and protein mixer bottle

Some days are longer than others, but like the Boy Scouts and Scar from The Lion King say, you’ve just got to be prepared (and have strong coffee in hand). Throughout it all, make sure to stay hydrated to reap all the health benefits of water and be the best version of you (especially pre- and post-gym visit).  Now, get out there and take on the day.

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