You grab your everyday travel mug, filled with your favorite roast and warmed to the perfect temperature. On the way to the train station, you pause, flip up the lid, and take a sip.

Or at least, you try to. In reality, what happens is much less graceful. Sure, you flip the lid up, but then as you raise the stainless steel insulated travel mug to sip from it, the lid usually falls back down, bumps you in the nose, spills leftover coffee on your face, or (if you’re especially unfortunate) all of the above.

We hate getting bumped by our travel mug lid too. That’s why we invented SnapSeal™.

Improving the Flip Lid

The flip lid is one of the most widespread travel mug lid styles. It’s easy and self-explanatory; just flip up to open and flip down to close. It’s so simple, you can even do it before your first mug of coffee — a time where most other tasks feel nearly impossible.


However, as we guzzled our daily coffees and observed you guys doing the same thing (don’t be creeped out, it’s all so we can make the best travel mugs ever), we noticed an annoying problem that kept happening over and over again. When we raised our flip-lid travel mugs to take a drink, we wound up bumping our noses when the flip lid inevitably comes flying at our faces (because, #gravity). Even worse, sometimes the underside of the flip lid had residual coffee on it that then dripped onto our face. It’s not pretty, folks — but unfortunately, it’s pretty common among competitive flip lid mugs.

Here’s How SnapSeal™ Helps

The SnapSeal™ lid is a one-piece, leak-proof lid that allows you to drink easily on-the-go, with confidence that you won’t get knocked in the face with your lid. And while you might call it a flip lid, because you flip it up and down to open and close, it’s actually more refined than that.

When you flip up the SnapSeal™ tab, a mechanism drops down on the opposite side of the lid that allows you to access your (beautiful, nourishing, necessary) coffee. Because the lid only snaps up a fraction of an inch (and stays there), it stays far, far away from your nose.

“It’s familiar, because of the same open and close motion, but it’s more inviting to the user,” explains Dan Wodka, one of our senior engineers.

Engineering Dan also points out that “on most travel mugs, normal flip lids can hinder the flow of liquid. The low profile of the SnapSeal™ lid is more ergonomic than flip lids with a higher lip.”

Translation? With SnapSeal™ travel mugs, your coffee gets to your mouth faster and with no splashes on your nose. Just how we like it.

Finally, with SnapSeal™, you only need one hand to snap the lid open and shut — no caps or spouts to remove. When you snap the lid shut, this travel mug is leak-proof.


All the better to keep your coffee safe, my dear.


Join us today in saying goodbye to coffee on your nose forever. Add a SnapSeal™ stainless steel insulated travel mug to your travel mug collection today, and say hello to your new on-the-go companion!

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  • Gloria Kirk

    I would love to try this new product and get some more information on cost, etc.

  • VideoPortal

    The SnapSeal will keep your drink hot for more than seven hours. In essence, that means that you can take your drink to the office during a cold winter morning and still sip it hot in the afternoon. Now, that’s efficiency right there!

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