Oh, say can you seeeeee…. Fourth of July creeping up on your calendar? Yes, it’s that time of year again, when tiny little American flags line your block and your wardrobe is centered around all the red, white, and blue you have in your closet. You already know how to throw a great cookout (thanks to our Must-Haves for a Memorial Day Barbecue blog post), but what if you want to think outside the box for this year’s Independence Day?

Celebrate July 4 this year by enjoying a drink from your stainless steel tumbler

We put on our thinking caps and came up with four unusual ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Field Day Flashback

What’s more American than competitive sports? (Well, free speech, hot dogs, and the whole “anyone can make it if you work hard” thing, but we’ll let it slide for the sake of this post)

Gather your friends and family members for a full day of outdoor games, just like the elementary school Field Days of your youth. Split everyone into red and blue teams, and face off in classic challenges like Wiffle ball, tug of war, cornhole (or bags, if that’s what you call it), kickball, dodgeball, and goofy races. Winners get the first servings off the grill.

Don’t forget to keep everyone hydrated — a stainless steel water bottle will keep drinks cold in the heat, and this American flag-patterned cooler with a built-in speaker is perfect for holding adult beverages while blasting “Born in the U.S.A.” on repeat.

Play True American

New Girl is one of our favorite shows around the office, and one of its most famous episodes involves a chaotic, lawless, only-understandable-to-the-people-playing-it game called “True American.” The hilarious episode shows the characters playing a game loosely based on history (including a starting countdown that goes, “One, two, three, four, JFK! FDR!”). While it’s technically a drinking game (and would give you an excellent opportunity to use your BPA-free reusable stainless steel tumblers), you can easily use non-alcoholic beverages and modify the rules a bit in case kids want to play. Check out the working rules here.

Experience the Great Outdoors

From sea to shining sea, America has some of the most stunning national parks in the world. Whether you’re an East Coaster, a West Coaster, or somewhere in the middle, there’s a national park within a day’s drive. Load up the Subaru with your camping gear and your stainless steel water bottles and spend a day or two sleeping under the stars and hiking during the day. More of an indoorsy group? Try a day hike near your house, or pitch a tent in your backyard for a low-stakes “camping” trip. Bonus? No matter what, you can end your day with s’mores.

Dramatic Performance of Hamilton

By now, almost everyone who isn’t living under a rock has heard of Broadway’s runaway sensation Hamilton, a hip-hop musical recasting America’s founding fathers as drunken, brawling hotheads. Because odds are slim that you’ll ever get to see it performed on Broadway in the next few years (unless you’re a wealthy New Yorker with incredible connections, in which case, hit us up), take Independence Day to host your own version of a Hamilton  number. Bonus points if you can successfully rap all of “Guns and Ships” without twisting your tongue.


With all these plans, you’re going to need a cold beverage to keep your thirst quenched. Luckily, our Ultimate Party Cups come in red and blue, so you can keep these stainless steel tumblers in your hand all weekend without being unpatriotic. Let the fireworks begin!

USA flag in one hand, stainless steel tumbler in the other

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