Let’s face it, grilling tools and golf balls are a little overplayed as Father’s Day gifts. Instead of handing your dad a hastily wrapped present that you’ve maybe already gotten him in years prior (helloooo, ties of Father’s Day Past), treat him to an experience where you’ll make memories that last way longer than a nice bottle of whiskey.

Take Him Out to the Ball Game

Whether his favorite team plays baseball, basketball, football, or cricket, a set of tickets to experience a game in-person will make his season. Treat him to overpriced popcorn while you’re at it, and spend the day bonding over the W (or, worst case scenario, commiserating over overpriced beers about how your team blew it in the last few minutes).

Share A Toast

No, not that uber expensive avocado toast that’s apparently preventing millennials from buying houses. Instead, get your hands on a home-brewing kit for your dad’s favorite drink. You can buy kits for homemade wine, beer, or (one of our favorites) cold brew coffee. Pair it with a set of wine or beer glasses, an insulated thermal bottle that lets him take his homecrafted drink on the go, or a stainless steel travel mug that keeps his drink at the perfect temperature. Cheers!

Back to School

Maybe your dad has long since graduated, but help him take his hobby to the next level with classes or lessons in his subject of choice. Whether he’s an aspiring golfer, grillmaster, or fluent Spanish-speaker, a gift of classes from you will help push him towards the things he loves to do in his free time.

Hit the High Notes

Summer is prime concert season, so pick up tickets to one of your dad’s favorite bands that’s passing through. Or, if nothing catches your eye, scour your local listings for free outdoor concerts. Most cities have a free outdoor concert series in different parks around the area, so you and the family can pack a picnic and spread out a blanket to enjoy some tunes on a warm summer night.

(Psstt…. Our insulated thermal bottle keeps drinks at the perfect temperature, and the lid doubles as a drink cup. Also, it’s 25 ounces, and a bottle of wine is 25 ounces. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.)


Cheers to the best Father’s Day yet! How are you and your family celebrating the great dads in your life?

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