Memorial Day is quickly approaching, and with it, the rest of summer. At some point, you’re bound to enjoy one of America’s greatest summer traditions: the road trip. With the open road ahead of you and Bruce Springsteen blaring from your speakers, you’re ready to go!

The reusable water bottles you need for a great road trip

Well, not quite. Let’s face it- after the first few hours, being in cramped quarters with several people loses its luster. Toss in variables like getting lost, car troubles, and (GASP) running out of snacks, and your road trip might not be as seamless as you’d imagined.

We’re here to help. Stock your vehicle with these items and you’ll be on your way to a road trip worthy of its own Lifetime movie (watch out, Britney Spears).

Reusable water bottles that will keep your drinks cold for the entire road trip

Field Trip App

You probably never realized that you absolutely NEEDED to see Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky (home to the world’s largest collection of life-sized dinosaurs). That’s what the Field Trip app is for. After you choose your interests, it suggests nearby restaurants and attractions it thinks you’d like, pulling information from trusted publications like Zagat, Thrillist, and TimeOut.

Honorable mentions for road trip apps to have on your phone: Waze, for avoiding heavy traffic; GasBuddy, to avoid having to stop at sketchy gas stations at 3 in the morning; and all the podcasts you can download (we’re big fans of the TED Radio Hour on NPR and Here’s the Thing with Alex Baldwin, for topics that the entire car will be into). Don’t forget your car phone charger, either.


No, not gas for the car- we’re talking about fuel for you and your fellow road-trippers. Because as we all know, hunger leads to “hanger” leads to fights about which exit to take and hurt feelings because the car voted to skip Dinosaur World which was the only thing Veronica wanted to see for the next six states. TL, DR: Hunger escalates quickly. Bring snacks.

While there’s something to be said for the guilty pleasure of gas station snacks, do your body a favor and bring along some healthy options too. Fruit travels well, as do classic lunchbox snacks like veggie sticks and hummus, string cheese, or PB&J sandwiches. Got a craving? Trick your taste buds without overindulging with the fun flavors of Boom Chicka Pop flavored popcorn.

Wash down your snacks with icy cold water from your  reusable stainless steel water bottle. Bonus- the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your drink chilled for up to 18 hours, freeing up precious room in the cooler for aforementioned snacks. Traveling with kids? Make sure you invest in a spill-proof kids water bottle to avoid having to pull over to mop up spills.

Car Aid Kit and First Aid Kit

Sure, they’re not the most exotic of “road trip must-haves,” but you’ll sorely miss them when your tire blows out in the middle of a road trip (and hey, it’s not a party until that happens). Order a car emergency kit on Amazon– one that includes jumper cables, a folding snow shovel, a flashlight, blanket, and tow rope, at the very least. If your car emergency kit doesn’t come with a first aid kit, grab one of those too. Better safe than sorry, right?

Cheesy Games

Don’t roll your eyes at us. If you’re in a car for hours on end, eventually phone batteries die and your data usage starts to get out of control. You’re going to have to get creative when it comes to entertaining yourself. Break out the classic road trip games you grew up with- the license plate game, the movie game, the name game, etc. We also love Would You Rather, especially if you’ve got imaginative people in your car.


Road trips are a summer rite of passage, and wherever you go, you’ll need to stay hydrated, well-fed, and entertained. Make your journey a memorable one with our road trip essentials, and get ready to hit the road!

Successful road trip, thanks to reusable stainless steel water bottles

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