You were ahead of the trend, proudly swinging your reusable water bottle from its convenient carry clip well before the rest of your friends and coworkers realized the health benefits of hydration and the dangers of single-use plastic water bottles.

But now, everyone’s caught up to you, and you see water bottles everywhere. How do you make yours stand out?

We’ve got some exceptionally creative Contigo® users, and with their masterpieces as inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can personalize your reusable water bottle if you’re feeling crafty.


We’ll start off simple. You probably dabbled in watercolor painting (inspired by Bob Ross) as a kid, and now it’s time to take your skills public by painting on your BPA-free reusable water bottle. Plus, if you make an errant swirl, it’s pretty easy to turn any design into an abstract painting. “Oh, this? No, that wasn’t a mistake at all- just my post-modern interpretation of The Persistence of Memory.”

If your Contigo® is made of BPA-free plastic, you may need to sand it a little bit first so paint adheres to its body. Make sure to use paint that works on plastic items, and consider using a sealer to protect the top coat. We also recommend using a non-toxic paint and washing your water bottle thoroughly before your begin and after the paint has dried.

You’ll follow similar steps for stainless steel water bottles– sanding, washing, priming, and painting. Trade the sealant for a thin coat of wax, and you’re good to go!

Think you’re ready to go beyond the abstract swirls? Use stencils or tape to paint more intricate designs on your water bottle. We believe in you.

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Too lazy for painting? No judgment here. Outfit your reusable water bottle with decals you’ve collected at concerts, in foreign countries, at sporting events, and more. You can even order custom decals online through shops like Etsy. The weirder, the better.

Breathe in Sunshine this weekend (sun emoji) Photo: @squatsnsnickerdoodles A photo posted by Contigo (@gocontigo) on

Another peel-and-stick option we love? Self-adhesive contact paper. You can find it in a variety of patterns and textures on Amazon (even glittery sand, if that’s what you’re into), and you can easily switch up the look of your water bottle once you’ve tired of your current design.

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Clear As Day

If you have one of our Purity Glass Water Bottles, a simple upgrade is just to slide paper under the silicone sleeve. For bright colors and fun patterns, use contact paper or origami paper cut to the size of your water bottle.

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Mix and Match

Are you a Contigo® superfan with several BPA-free water bottles in multiple colors? First of all, we love you. Second of all, a quick and easy upgrade is to mix and match the lids and bodies of your water bottles. In general, you can mix AUTOSPOUT® water bottle lids with AUTOSPOUT® water bottles only (you may need to switch the straws too if one body is less capacity than the other). Same goes for matching AUTOSEAL® lids to AUTOSEAL® water bottles. Mixing colors and patterns is very on-trend this season, according to the office fashionistas.


Finally, don’t forget to hand wash your new works of art; after all, you’ve spent so much time crafting the perfect bottle, and you don’t want it to be ruined in one devastating dishwasher cycle.


How do you personalize your Contigo®? Show us on social @GoContigo and we might repost!

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