You’ve ordered flowers, made a brunch reservation, and found the perfect card that’s a combination of sentimental and hilarious. There’s only one thing left- finding an actual gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.

We’re all too familiar with the gift-searching struggle, so we put together a quick guide to easy, last minute Mother’s Day gifts –no assembly required. Choose one of these options, and your mom will be so thrilled she’ll forget all about that time in high school you rear-ended her new car.

Mother's Day gift ideas- reusable travel mug or water bottle

For the Mom Who’s Dedicated to Hitting 10,000 Steps A Day

The latest fitness trackers don’t sacrifice style for technology. Fitbits come in a rainbow of colors and all sizes, from the super thin Alta to the heart-rate monitoring Surge. If Mom is reluctant to wear a fitness tracker on her wrist, Fitbit has a line of products designed by Tory Burch that include beautiful gold, silver, and rose gold options for both bracelets and pendants. Apple Watches are perfect if she lives in fear of missing a text from you during the day; she’ll receive notifications of incoming calls and texts, without interrupting her daily walk. Plus, Apple Watches come with dozens of bands and cases to choose from, perfect for customizing for your unique mom while still helping her track her steps. (Psst… both of these devices track hydration too. Just sayin’.)

For the Mom Who Needs to Treat Herself

Treat Mom to a travel coffee mug for Mother's Day

Fact: mothers tend to put absolutely everyone else’s needs before their own. This year, treat her to a gift that will refresh and rejuvenate her. Maybe that’s a sweet smelling candle, a luxurious silk robe, or slippers that feel like walking on clouds. Or, give her everything she needs for an at-home spa day with a full skin care set– let’s be honest, you probably caused most of those wrinkles anyway.

For the Mom Who Loves to Catch Up Over a Hot Cup of TeaTea infuser travel mug as a gift idea for Mom

For perfectly brewed tea on the go that stays hot for hours, gift your mom with a tea infuser travel mug.

She’ll be able to steep her tea on-the-go with a removable tea infuser, and the stainless steel travel mug will keep her drink hot for as long as it takes you two to catch up (read: hours). Even when Mom’s not in the mood for tea, the insulated mug gives her tons of options: it can be used as a travel coffee mug for her daily cappuccino, or it can keep her favorite flavored water chilled for up 12 hours, thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation. And if she wants to slip some white wine in there on occasional evenings, we think that’s juuust fine.


Mom put a lot of work into keeping you alive for the first 18 years of your life (and then some). Show her your gratitude with an amazing Mother’s Day gift, paired with a heartfelt “thank you”- she’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Give mom a tea infuser travel mug for Mother's Day.

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