June 2, National Donut Day, is up there on our list of favorite holidays, right along with National Puppy Day and National Margarita Day. This year, we’re taking our celebrations up a notch by making sure our coffee pairs well with our favorite donuts. Sure, we may not be sommeliers (coffee, wine, water, or otherwise), but a little bit of research recommended the following coffee and donut pairings. (Psst… don’t forget your insulated travel mug to ensure your coffee stays hot while you enjoy your donut masterpiece)

Glazed Donut + Shot of Espresso

Balance out the sugary-sweet taste of a flaky glazed donut with a cutting shot of espresso. The heavy espresso flavor lessens the sweetness of the classic glazed donut, so you can enjoy the sugar in moderation.

Boston Crème + Dunkin’ Donuts “Light and Sweet”

Go all in on celebrating the donut by heading to the namesake chain. But beware of a sugar overload: a “light and sweet,” Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature coffee blend, may contain several spoonfuls of sugar.

Beignet + Chicory Coffee

Take a mental trip to New Orleans – excuse us, Nawlins – with this coffee and donut combo. The world-famous beignets of Café du Monde are fried and dusted in powdered sugar (meaning you, too, will get dusted in powdered sugar as you inhale them). Meanwhile, smoky chicory coffee got its start in New Orleans, when mixing in chicory with coffee helped the coffee supply last longer. Let the good times roll!

Maple Bacon Donut + Brazilian Single Origin

Brazilian single origin is known for its slight peanutty taste, with hints of chocolate and spice rounding it out. This salty-sweet combo makes it the perfect complement to the ultimate savory donut, the maple bacon.

French Cruller + French-Pressed Dark Roast

The strong, rich flavor of a French-pressed dark roast coffee helps cut down the sweetness of a deliciously sticky cruller. Need a refresher on how to make French-press coffee? We’ve got you covered!


When in doubt, the experts at Saveur recommend a dark roast single-origin Kenyan coffee with your gourmet donut. After all, a fancy donut deserves a fancy drink. Happy National Donut Day!

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