Whenever you’re traveling, it’s probably become a habit to pick up a case of bottled water to have on hand for your hotel room or AirBNB. Well, you know how we feel about single-use disposable plastic bottles (hint: not so impressed), and we’ve committed to another way of staying hydrated on the road: drinking like a local.

Drink local tap water with your BPA-free reusable water bottle

One of the best ways to experience a new city is to get in touch with its local cuisine and specialties; who’s to say that applies to food only? Next time you take a trip, try the local tap water — especially if you’re in one of these cities.

Denver, Colorado

No surprise here, right? The city sources its tap water from Rocky Mountains snowmelt (even just typing that conjures up images of refreshing, icy cold water). The taste? “Brisk, mineral, and grassy.”

New York City

You might think that a major metropolitan city might have less access to fresh, clean water (after all, New York City isn’t exactly known for its nature or its clean streets). But actually, the Big Apple is the lucky recipient of over 1 billion daily gallons of water that comes straight from the wild Catskill Mountains reservoirs.

The way NYC gets its water is pretty cool, actually. Water from the reservoirs travels through aqueducts, reservoirs, and tunnels to get to New York. One of the aqueducts, the Catskill Aqueduct, is over a hundred years old and extends 92 miles. Another, the 85-mile Delaware Aqueduct, is so big that a two-man submarine can (and has) fit inside of it. The best part about this system? 95% of the total water supply travels to NYC thanks to the natural power of gravity.

Eldorado Springs, Colorado

This water is legit. So legit, in fact, it won the 2016 Berkley Springs International Water Tasting contest in the Municipal Water category. So, Eldorado Springs can lay claim to “best tasting municipal water in the United States.”

(P.S. For those of you wondering “How legit is an International Water Tasting contest, anyway?”, imagine a scene similar to a wine tasting competition, with distinguished judges swirling water in miniature glasses and using words like “mouthfeel” and “aftertaste.” In other words, very legit.)

Louisville, Kentucky

You know it’s real when a city trademarks their tap water, and Louisville is the first (and only) city to do just that. The Louisville pure tap® water was deemed most refreshing by actress Busy Philipps in a blind taste test on the LIVE with Kelly and Michael show.

Louisville’s water comes from the Ohio River, and both of its water treatment plants are ranked in top 14 in North America. More kudos come from the American Water Works Association, which has named Louisville pure tap® the best tasting tap water in America twice.

Silverdale, Washington

Doesn’t Silverdale just SOUND like a place with especially refreshing water? In 2009, Silverdale tied for first in the AWWA’s national competition, finishing second after a “taste-off” (which we’re betting was every bit as dramatic as it sounds). Silverdale draws its water from a deep aquifer (translated: a permeable rock that can hold ground water) that’s protected from elements that can affect water quality. It’s so pure, in fact, that they claim it can be consumed untreated. How’s that for fresh?


Ready to explore? Grab your reusable water bottle and hit the road — the local watering hole is calling.

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  • Luke Yancey

    You are right! I wasn’t surprised at all that Denver Colorado had some of the cleanest tap water in the United States! I was a little shocked with I read about New York City, though. I grew up in Montana, and would have to argue that we have some of the cleanest water in the US as well!

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