It’s not rocket science: you want your water (and iced coffee) to stay cold. And sure, it seems like a logical progression from that would be to stash your water bottle or travel mug in the freezer, just to ensure that your drink stays extra-extra cold. That’s fine, right?

Can I put my stainless steel water bottle in the freezer?

Stop. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. We do not recommend putting Contigo travel mugs and water bottles in your freezer. Here’s why.

What Happens When Water Bottles and Travel Mugs Go in the Freezer

When liquids freeze, they expand and take up more space. As the liquid freezes and expands, it can cause your water bottle or travel mug to become deformed and misshapen.

Even worse, the expanding liquid might break the welds and seals holding your water bottle together. If you place a stainless steel water bottle in a freezer, you might unintentionally and up damaging the vacuum seal, causing it to lose its insulating properties and not keep your water cold for as long. Ironic, right?

Instead of Freezing Your Water Bottles and Travel Mugs, Try This

If you’re dedicated to ice cold drinks, we salute you — and we think you’ll love our stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles and travel mugs. With our THERMALOCK™ vacuum insulation, you’ll never feel the need to stash your drinks in the freezer, because the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for hours (and hours) on its own.

Here’s a quick look at how long some of our most popular water bottles and travel mugs keep your drink cold:

You’ve got all the options. Now, you just have to choose your stainless steel style, and leave the vacuum insulation to us.

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  • K

    My husband loves the cups he got for christmas. Now he wants a container big enough for 12 cups.

    • Contigo

      We’ll work on that for you! 😉

  • Lori

    I purchased several travel mugs and regret paying the expensive price since they actually keep beverages hot or cold for a few months of daily use then the amount of time they work gets less and less every day, instead of something staying hot for 7 hours as claimed I’m lucky if it is 2 hours before it gets cold.

    • Contigo

      Hi Lori, we’re so sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer care team and they’ll be able to help you out.

  • Wanda

    I purchase the Contigo 40 oz, it help me achieved the Gallon a day water goal limite easier, I only need to acquire 3 1/2 full bottle even though I drink over the Gallon it’s a good thing I want the 2 Gallon a day ,and the ez carry is Perfect as well, i love the fact it doesn’t leak,I was skeptic at first I purchase it anyway and I’m very happy I did my only mistake because of my skeptical mind set I purchase only the one, vowing if it stand up I’ll buy Another One well it’s hard to find the 40 ounce anywhere a lot of retailer carry the 20oz – 24oz some make it 32oz. I’m sad But glad I’ve the one, great product .

    • Contigo

      Glad you love the bigger size, Wanda!

  • Shaneefah Whitaker

    Can I put smoothies in the cups

  • Shaneefah Whitaker

    Can I put fruit smoothies in the cups?

    • Contigo

      Sure thing!

  • Wanda James

    I just bought my cup. Om it it states lifetime guarantee. Do I need to register my cup. In other to get lifetime guarantee?
    Thanks you

    • Contigo

      Hi Wanda, you do not need to register your cup! Just hold onto your receipt and contact our customer care team if you ever have any trouble with it. Enjoy!

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