Along with “can my water bottle go in the freezer?”, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is “can my travel mug go in the microwave?” And we get it, we really do. With commuting, meetings, and random errands, sometimes it takes you a few hours to drink your coffee. When you do finally get around to finishing that morning latte, you want your coffee to be as hot as it was when you first got it. But all too often, your hot coffee has gone ice-cold. The microwave seems to be a natural solution, right?

Do Not Put Your Stainless Steel Travel Mug in the Microwave

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend putting your stainless steel travel mug in the microwave (or your water bottle either, for that matter). The stainless steel will block your coffee from heating up, and it may even damage your microwave.

Simply put, stainless steel and microwaves don’t get along. If heated up long enough, metal will eventually catch fire. Or, depending on the shape of the metal, the microwaves might get reflected instead of absorbed by your coffee. The waves would then bounce off the metal in the walls of the microwave, and then back off the travel mug, in a cycle that ultimately culminates in damaging both the travel mug and the microwave.

What About A Stainless Steel Mug with a Ceramic Lining?

Ah, we see you’ve discovered the TWISTSEAL Glaze. You have great taste! But, we still can’t in good faith recommend putting the Glaze in the microwave. The stainless steel exterior is still potentially damaging to your microwave. You might be able to put a ceramic coffee mug in the microwave if it’s labeled “microwave safe,” but again, tread carefully.

How Can I Keep My Coffee Hot For Hours, Then?

Glad you asked! With the best models of our insulated travel mugs, your coffee will stay hot for up to seven hours (and if you’re using our THERMALOCK Thermal Bottle, your drink stays hot for up to 30 hours). You won’t even need the microwave with these stainless steel insulated coffee mugs!

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  • suzanne walsh

    i purchased my travel mug while on vacation, It does keep ice for many hours, good feature, but what can i do about the metal taste?

  • Jacob Edwards

    Hi. I am a multiple purchase customer of your product. I recently use the Chill Stainless Steel.water bottle purchased from Costco Wholesale.. I would like to share your product to show how indestructible it is. I am a BUS Operator, and while working. My bottle fell out my window, and the next bus rolled over it. Is was bent and disfigured, and still maintained the seal. Also the top was scuffed, and still maintained it’s durability and shape, and never cracked. My proposal is to send this back to you, and hopefully out of good faith you can replace it.
    Thank you in advanve.

    • Contigo

      Hi Jacob!
      So glad to hear that your seal stayed intact! Yes, please contact our customer care department here to see if you qualify for a replacement. Thanks for using Contigo!

  • Jacob Edwards

    So when we send a comment, where do you post your reply. I am awaiting a reply.

  • Jacob Edwards

    Do you email the comments.

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