Back to school? More like back to cool!

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Okay, we’re groaning too — but we thought a joke only a parent could love was appropriate for a blog post about school supply shopping. Add these items to your kid’s school supply list to get some cool-parent extra credit before September hits.

DIY Calculator

Before they have to upgrade to a graphing calculator with dozens of tiny buttons, show your kids that math can be fun (and even creative) with this Draw It Yourself Calculator from Mustard. Start with a blank sheet — er, calculator — and a template, and let your kids design their own calculator, placing their doodles right alongside division.

Upgrade from a Brown Bag

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They’ll never forget their lunch box in their locker again when it looks this cool. Lunch boxes have never been more expressive, and kids will love picking one that fits their individual personalities (and sure, one that their friends will all be impressed by). Pair it with a reusable stainless steel kids water bottle for a fully environmentally-friendly lunch (and drinks that stay cold from morning til lunch).

Ninja Erasers

With these sneaky Ninja Erasers, it’s like their mistakes were never there.

Lap Desk

Chances are, your kids don’t have time for hours of uninterrupted study time at their desks every night — there’s soccer practice, coding class, play dates, and dance recitals to go to. They’ve got to be able to do homework everywhere, whether it’s in the car or in the hallway waiting for their sibling to get out of basketball practice. (Psst — look for a lap desk with a cupholder built in to hold a BPA-free kids water bottle. Gotta stay hydrated while homeworking)

Planner Sticker Book

For some of us, writing items down isn’t enough; we need visual cues to remind us of our to-do list. Maybe your kiddo is the same way — help them cope with this fun Planner Sticker Book. It comes complete with stickers for all occasions, from holidays to birthdays to Taco Tuesday (you can probably guess which one we’re all about).

Pizza Pocket Folders

Because, pizza. And organization too, we guess.


Don’t forget that throughout all the homework assignments and study sessions, your kid needs to stay hydrated. Drinking water is essential for good concentration and feeling alert, which is essential when they’re mastering long division and the Spanish alphabet. A back-to-school reusable kids water bottle is the most important school supply you can buy. Now, who’s ready for orientation?

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  • sue miceli

    stainless steel kids food jar 10 ounce cobalt I want to know is this made in USA? Thanks

    • Contigo

      Hi Sue, our products are made in China. Thanks!

  • Linda

    The rubber seals in the kids water bottles comes loose and will not go back in! any help out there?

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