Everyone has that one friend who’s never seen without a cup of coffee at their side. This year, go beyond the usual holiday-themed ceramic mug and hook your friend up with a unique coffee gift. We did the legwork for you.

Coffee Bean Grinder

Got a friend who’s just starting to explore the coffee world? Nudge them towards a more premium at-home brew with a coffee bean grinder. They’ll enjoy the enticing taste and smell of freshly-ground coffee, and they’ll love feeling like a true barista. Bonus: they’re much more likely to offer you a cup of a coffee every time you come over.

Coffee Subscription

A new roast, delivered to their door every month — does trying new coffee get any easier than that? Your friend will love taste-testing different roasts, and companies like Bow Truss and Blue Bottle make it incredibly easy to gift subscription coffee gifts.

But you still need something to wrap up and give in person, so we suggest a reusable stainless steel travel mug that will keep their coffee nice and hot while allowing them to take it anywhere.

A True Coffee Table Book

We fell hard for the aesthetic beauty of Brew: Better Coffee at Home, but we fell even more in love when we opened this book to discover its helpful tips for buying the best coffee beans, what brewing equipment you really need at your house, and its clear explanations of the different varieties of coffee drinks. It’s a coffee table book in every sense of the word.

Portable Espresso Maker

No one should have to sacrifice high-quality espresso when they’re traveling or camping — and with portable espresso makers like the MiniPresso, you don’t have to. This espresso maker doesn’t require anything other than itself and your espresso grounds, meaning you don’t have any batteries to replace and you don’t have to be near an electric outlet to use it. It’s perfect for anyone who travels frequently and doesn’t trust the hotel room coffee maker, or maybe someone who wants to enjoy their espresso while watching the sunrise on top of a mountain. (A durable stainless steel travel mug pairs well with this gift, too.)

Milk Frother

Up their home latte game with a stainless steel milk frother. This nifty little instrument whips your creamer of choice into a thick foam, perfect for topping your coffee or making a coffee shop-worthy cappuccino.

The Art of Coffee Poster

We love the simple, modern look of this poster, which diagrams 30 coffee recipes in a beautifully visual poster. Challenge your friend to make each coffee drink shown on the poster — with you as a taste tester, of course.


Fa-la-la-latte, anyone?

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