Okay, so National Boss’s Day isn’t as highly anticipated as Christmas, and it’s not as fun-filled as Fourth of July. But if you remember it and show up with a small token of appreciation for your boss on October 17, you’ll stand out from the rest of your co-workers and maybe get a little extra attention from your boss as a result.

But buying a gift for your boss is way harder than buying a gift for a significant other, a friend, or a close family member. It has to be work appropriate, personal without being TOO personal, and not so flashy as to make you look like a brown-noser. We have a few suggestions for you.

Gift ideas for your boss include a reusable vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug

Something They Can Eat

Whatever your boss craves — breakfast sandwiches, fancy chocolates, hot sauce so spicy it sets their tongues on fire — you can’t go wrong with a gift that appeals to their stomachs. After all, the way to a boss’s heart is through his/her stomach… or something like that.

Something They Can Drink

Your boss is probably the first one in and the last one out of the office, with a calendar so jam-packed it looks like a game of Tetris took place on it. The secret weapon getting them through the day? Coffee, and lots of it. Pair a stainless steel reusable travel mug with a gift card to a local coffee shop or a bag of their favorite beans for an easy, fail-safe gift.

Something They Can Use

Is your boss famous for answering e-mails at all hours of the night? Make their workload as comfortable as possible with a laptop tray. They’ll be able to work in bed, on the couch, or wherever else they are when they hear their e-mail ping. Some even include cup holders that fit a reusable travel mug. Work it!

Something They Can’t Kill

Whoops, didn’t mean to get dark. We were thinking more along the lines of succulents or terrariums — easy, trendy, aesthetically pleasing little knick knacks that liven up any desk without much (if any) extra effort. After all, they’re busy enough as it is.

Something They Can Laugh At

If all else fails, a goofy gag gift can do the trick. We love funny desk calendars, desktop Skeeball games, and sarcastic office prints or décor. As long as your boss has a similar sense of humor, one of these novelty gifts can help lighten the mood and release tension during a tough workday.


Your boss deals with a lot every day (mainly, managing you — we kid, we kid). Show them a little appreciation on National Boss’s Day, and who knows? Maybe that next big project or pitch will go your way.

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