Are you tired of the same, plain old water routine? Is it getting harder and harder to drink your recommended daily amount of water? Maybe it’s time to give your water an all-natural flavor boost from fresh fruit.

Cutting up fresh fruit and throwing it into the removable strainer of a fruit infuser water bottle is the best way to enjoy fruit and herb infused water on the go. It takes mere seconds to do, and you’ll save big bucks by choosing this tasty DIY rather than buying flavored water at the grocery store.

Not only will infusing fresh fruit enhance the flavor of your water, but it also provides many health benefits! Here are the top five advantages of infusing your water with fruit.

Boost Your Immune System

The AUTOSPOUT Ashland Water Bottle with Infuser is perfect for creating fruit infused water.You know how they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? This is why. A healthy diet ensures that your system is in top shape to help you fight illness. If eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day seem ambitious, start small by infusing some citrus in your water to help you get your daily vitamin C. Orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit are all refreshing, immune-boosting fruit options to add to your infuser water bottle.

Improve Digestion

For a smoothly functioning digestive system, infuse your water with fruits that are high in fiber, like raspberries or apples. One cup of raspberries contains 8g of fiber, almost a third of the recommended amount you need for the day. Apples, meanwhile, contain pectin, a type of soluble fiber that helps usher out cholesterol and toxins.

Fight Hunger Cravings

It’s 3pm, and even though you just finished lunch a couple of hours ago, you’re STARVING. Or are you? Actually, odds are you aren’t really hungry– just dehydrated. Our bodies often confuse hunger for thirst, leading you to reach for that midafternoon snack when really, your body wants you to reach for your water bottle. Fight that confusion by drinking lemon-infused water, which has pectin fiber to curb cravings even more!

Healthy Eyes

Don’t worry, we’re not necessarily suggesting you drink carrot-infused water (unless you’re Bugs Bunny). Everyone knows that carrots are good for your eyes, but did you know that berries can have the same benefits? Berries and citrus are high in vitamin C, which helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Go ahead, throw some juicy strawberries into your infuser water bottle and sip away.

Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Sometimes you just can’t escape the sneezes. Seasonal allergies affect millions of people at various times throughout the year. Mint leaves have been shown to hinder the release of histamines, which can cause sneezing and other irritating allergy symptoms. Ginger also has antihistamine properties that help treat allergies and respiratory ailments; try combining ginger with pineapple and mint for a sweet, refreshing infusion.



Now that you know the basics of infusing your water, it’s time to get creative. Mix and match different flavor combinations to find which unique flavors you enjoy the most in your fruit infuser water bottle. Grab your water bottle, head to farmer’s market, and start being a real life fruit ninja!

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