Just like getting eight hours of sleep and eating all your fruits and vegetables, you know that you should be drinking more water. Unfortunately, between work, family obligations, trying to fit in a workout, and juggling the kids’ extracurriculars, remembering to drink the recommended amount of water is at the end of your to-do list.

How to drink more water before noon

We’re here to make drinking water easier for you. Try one of these tips to trick yourself into drinking more water before lunchtime even hits – it’s as easy as H2O!

Drink a Glass of Water Immediately Upon Waking

When you wake up in the morning, you haven’t had a drop to drink for around eight hours, depending on how long you’ve slept. Your body is naturally a little bit dehydrated. Chugging a glass of water first thing gets water to where it’s needed in your body, kind of like reinflating a balloon. Keep a big water bottle by your bed to make it easy on your sleepy self in the morning.

Jazz Up Your Water with Fruit and Herbs

Make your water more exciting by adding in fruits, herbs, or vegetables. Starting your day with cucumber-infused water or a strawberry-basil refresca is so hip right now. Adding unique flavor combinations to your water bottle with infuser keeps your hydration interesting and motivates you to drink more; plus, it might help replace any high-sugar beverages you typically consume in the morning.

Switch Up Your Water Bottle

If you’re really having trouble drinking more water, your water bottle might be the culprit. Around our office, some people are loyal to their straw water bottles, arguing that the upright spout makes it easier for them to drink while multitasking. Other people swear by the chug spout, saying it’s easier to drink more water at a faster clip. You might also graduate to a bigger water container; some say that you’re more motivated to drink when you don’t have to get up to refill your water bottle as often.


Which one of these strategies will you use to help you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated?

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